Beckett Grading Services


Beckett offers us a small discount for our grading submissions to pass on to our customers. By having your cards graded through Layton Sports Cards, we can save you $2-$3 per card. We always send our shipment under the 10-Day Premium Guaranteed Grading Level. PER BECKETT, THEY WILL NOT GUARANTEE THE 10-DAY TURNAROUND TIME DUE TO THE DISCOUNTED RATE.

Cards may sit in our shop for a few days while we wait for customers to send in their submissions.

The biggest benefit is we will combine the shipping costs per card. The more customers who participate, the lower your shipping cost will be.

10-Day Premium Guaranteed Grading Cost:

Grading Fee Per Card: $15 (Regular Price $18-$20)

If you have 100 or more cards for grading, the price per card is $14 (Regular Price $15)

Additional Fee For Autograph: $1.00 (Regular Price $2.00)

Return Insurance: $10 for each $1000 in card value (No Discount Offered)

Return Shipping(Ground Fees): This Price will vary depending on the number of cards submitted. We will adjust this according to the number orders and cards submitted.

1-10: $20.00

11-20: $22.00

12-50: $25.00

51-75: $28.00

76 -100: $32.00

Per 100: $42.00


If you are interested in having your cards graded through Layton Sports Cards, please send them to us with an inventory of the cards included and each card’s value. Please include your contact information as well. We will need your name, phone number and email address.

Layton Sports Cards

Attn: Grading

311 Altamonte Commerce Blvd

Suite 1606

Altamonte Springs, FL 32714


Once we are ready to send the cards in, we will send you an email with the total due.